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  • Prevent-A-Puncture is a patented, next generation product that is installed in your tyres and prevents the punctures occurring in the first place. 
  • Prevent-A-Puncture has been manufactured for use in fast moving tyres unlike some products that have been on the market previously or are still on the market.
  • Prevent-A-Puncture is not a quick fix for when you have a puncture like some products on the market.
  • Once Prevent-A-Puncture is added to your tyres, there will be no more punctures and no more air loss.
  • Prevent-A-Puncture will continue to prevent punctures for the life of tyre.
  • Prevent-A-Puncture comes with a full money back guarantee* and does not effect the warranty of your car tyres.
  • Prevent-A-Puncture is currently available throughout Ireland .  We have drop-in services and mobile services that will call to your home or workplace throughout the country. (See Installation Location Page)  Prevent-A-Puncture is also avaialble in the UK and we have recently launched our product in Vietnam and the United Arab Emirates.
  • Terms and Conditions to Prevent-A-Puncture apply and all advertising, adverts and distribution of Prevent-A-Puncture is subject to our terms and conditions.